Our process is fundamentally a complex systems approach with both an intrinsic and an ultimate purpose.

One is the desired outcome of an engagement to achieve the defined results and positions.
The other is the autonomy and empowerment of stakeholders. Essentially our method covers
all the factors across four phases.

Phase 1 – Analyze

The discovery and evaluation of available data and information useful to the situation, parties, and possible scenarios. Next the purpose of the engagement is defined and the desired outcomes with resulting positions determined and specified. Ultimately, solutions are developed.

Phase 2 – Amend

Changes are made to make optimal use of the current situation and positions. Improvements are made to the factors in pursuit of the purpose and specified objectives
of the engagement. Fundamental preparations are made for the next phase of the approach.

Phase 3 – Augment

Already optimized positions are developed into the realization of the ultimate purpose of the engagement with the achievement of the desired outcomes and resulting positions. A successful engagement is secured, and the remaining intrinsic purpose comes into focus – autonomy and empowerment.

Phase 4 – Autonomize

Existing initiatives are matured to enable independence from our utility rather than perpetual reliance. A comprehensive process of review and evaluation is conducted before advance possibilities are explored in a final meeting. Disengagement occurs and the natural conclusion is reached.

Complex systems consist of many components interacting with each other and their environment in multiple ways. The properties of such systems as a whole are very different from that of the individual components. Success commands a radical approach.

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts.”
– Aristotle